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28 Nov 2004

Déprime sur Archive, après le concert de Bordeaux

Publié par Arbo  - Catégories :  #Archive - the band

L'article que j'aurai du lire le 8 novembre sur le site du groupe ARCHIVE !!!

The tour is getting closer and closer, the first date is on the 9th in Poland and the tour bus will be pulling out of London this Saturday the 6th for the long drive to Warsaw and beyond. Archive felt it was time to uncover one or two of the surprises previously mentioned on the website - so here goes;

Archive will be playing songs not just from 'You All Look The Same To Me' and 'Noise', but also songs from their previous albums. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Craig Walker will not be joining the tour, however, Archive will be presenting Dave Penney and Maria Q on lead vocals.
You will know Maria from the previous 'Take My Head' tour and also from vocals on 'You All Look The Same To Me'. Maria has known and worked with Archive for some time now. Dave Penney is a singer from an English band called Bird Pen and is an artist and a friend.

As you can see now, the shows will be different from what you may have experienced before. We look forward to seeing you at all the shows but most of all we can't wait to hot the road for the Archive Noise tour of 2004!

The reason it has taken this much time to announce the absence of Craig is because we have been working around the clock to represent our music in a way that portrays the emotion of the songs without him.    If we hadn't have been happy with the results of our hard work we were going to cancel the tour, which would have been a great shame. As for Craig not doing the tour - this was by no means an artistic decision and we believe it would have been detrimental for the tour and the future of Archive if Craig had not been given time to sort out his personal problems.     We ask for your patience and understanding, as this is a situation we never dreamed of being faced with.

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